Tips to increase your cybersecurity

Stay safe in a digital world with cyber security tips! Use special methods to detect & stop credential stuffing & protect yourself with secure connections.

Tips to increase your cybersecurity

cyber security

Knowing some cybersecurity tips and putting them in practice will help you protect your business and reduce the risk of a cyber attack if you want to stay safe in an increasingly digital world.

  1. Implementation of controls to detect and prevent credential stuffing attacks. This can include monitoring for a higher-than-usual number of login attempts over a given time period, or a higher-than-usual number of failed logins over a given time period.
  2. Use of a Web Application Firewall (“WAF”) that can detect and inhibit credential stuffing attacks.
  3. Review and verify all connections between customer systems, service provider systems, and other client enclaves.
  4. Use a dedicated virtual private network (VPN) to connect to MSP infrastructure; all network traffic from the MSP should only traverse this dedicated secure connection.
  5. Send reminders. Remind employees to put paper files in locked file cabinets, log out of your network and applications, and never leave files or devices with sensitive data unattended.
  6. Promote security practices in all locations. Maintain security practices even if working remotely from home or on business travel.

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