Forrester Names Microsoft a Leader in Infrastructure as a Service Platform Native Security Report

Why did Forrester name @Microsoft Security a Leader in infrastructure-as-a-service native security? Read the article to learn about Microsoft and native infrastructure security for multi-cloud environments. 👉

You need strong, cross-platform security to protect your organization’s multi-cloud applications and workloads against cyber-attacks. So you’ll want to know about Microsoft’s infrastructure-as-a-service native security, which earned Microsoft a ranking of “Leader” in “The Forrester Wave: Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform Native Security (IPNS), Q2 2023” report.

The IPNS category compares public clouds and highlights the native security provided to customers on public cloud platforms. This includes capabilities for storage and data security, identity and access management (IAM), network security, and hardware and hypervisor security.

Read the article here to learn about Microsoft’s native security.

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