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Medical Technology Solutions

LogixCare provide HIPAA-Compliant Technological Services

Our medical technology solutions provide support of your medical practice, including billing, practice management and electronic medical records.
Besides, we will make sure all the technology you use is HIPPA compliant, including setting up and managing your EMR.

Our goal is to help you keep your medical practice’s administrative processes streamlined and efficient, saving time and costs in the process.

At LogixCare we know it is a challenge for medical practitioners to keep on top of the type of computer systems and software that are needed to maintain the efficient and secure record keeping, billing and other IT systems that you need to run an effective practice.

We understand that as medical practitioners you want to be able to concentrate on the medical services you provide while being able to communicate effectively, avoid unexpected computer and software problems, and to keep IT costs predictable.

We also realize your obligation and desire to be HIPAA compliant. This is where LogixCare technicians can help you find the right IT solutions to keep your medical practice running smoothly so that you can concentrate more fully and more ably on the medical side of your business.

Logixcare’s specific it services for health care providers includes:

  • Support and consultancy back-up for your practice management software.
  • Support and consultancy back-up for your EMR software.
  • Set-up and maintenance of accountable HIPAA-compliant procedures and audit trails.
  • Support and consultancy back-up for your medical billing software.
  • Proactive network, server and desktop management.
  • Support for your branch office connectivity.

LogixCare will ensure that you, your staff and all your software are fully compliant with all HIPPA processes and will assist and support your staff with all their medical billing and practice management.

Contact LogixCare today to find out the further benefits of our Medical Technology Solutions and for a free technology consultation.