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Legal Technology Solutions

We have a wide experience supporting legal firms with their technology. Available 24/7, we install, support and simplify your businesses computer technology so that it is streamlined, efficient and always working so you can focus on your legal cases.

We can facilitate and simplify your computer technology so that it is streamlined, efficient and leaves you more time to concentrate on your cases.

Among our many specific legal technology solutions you can find:

  • E-Discovery Software Systems.
  • Specific software applications that permit you secure access to all your office data and files, both in-house and remotely, for example in court or while traveling.
  • Software applications for secure virtual data management, storage and archiving services that only you and approved users can access.
  • Managed and archived email services.
  • Software to proactively monitor your network 24/7/365.
  • Alerts for critical issues.
  • Connectivity support for both your branch and virtual offices.
  • Ongoing 24/7 maintenance and updating of all your computer equipment and software. Software as a Service (SAAS).

With LogixCare acting as your in-house IT department you will only need to pay for the software that you actually use.

By subscribing to our Software as a Service program for lawyers, LogixCare will advise on install, support and upgrade all the software that you use in your legal practice. This will cut your office overheads by reducing capital investment in unnecessary software and take the headache out of finding the software solution that will best support your needs.

Let us know what you need the software to do and we will present you with options to achieve it. We also review your existing technology goals by analyzing your current, and planning for your future IT needs to suggest solutions that will fill technological gaps, streamline processes and free up your staff’s time and productivity.

Mitigate risk and reduce both the complexity and the costs of the technology and computer equipment you use.

Contact LogixCare today to find out the further benefits of our Legal Technology Solutions and for a free technology consultation.